Thursday, September 22, 2016

John Carpenter's Escape From New York: New Expanded Edition Original Film Soundtrack Review

I remember seeing Escape From New York on the big screen as a boy. It was my first experience seeing a John Carpenter film. I bought the original soundtrack album shortly thereafter. I wish I still had it now, but alas that is long gone. A few weeks ago I found two excerpts from this soundtrack album on Amazon Music and where would we be without John Carpenter? The man gave us so much entertainment for decades and his signature compositions he made for his movies were a part of that. Outside of Halloween, Escape From New York is arguably one of his best soundtrack scores and so after much deliberating I purchased the audio CD from Amazon, which comes with a free audio rip digital MP3 copy that one can listen to on Amazon Music and can download. I don't know of any other online retailer that offers this and since I still prefer to buy physical media most of the time, this deal cannot be beat. The album features some music from deleted scenes as well as some alternate music cues. What surprised me too was that it also features audio clips from the film in between some music sets. The original vinyl release from 1981 did not include anything like that.

I think some music clips might be slightly trimmed in order to make it fit on one audio CD because the song "Everyone's Coming To New York" seemed to begin somewhat abruptly and seemed shorter than I recalled it, but without the original record from 1981, I cannot be certain. As is though, I love this CD album and appreciate the free digital copy rip that Anazon offers too at least at the time when I purchased it and posted this review.

If you are a John Carpenter fan and love the music he composed and performed for Escape From New York then I highly recommend picking this up from Amazon. It is a fantastic deal too. Thank you.

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