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The Genre Online Interview - Author, Public Speaker and Conspiracy Researcher David Icke. By Mark A. Rivera

The Genre Online Interview - Author, Public Speaker and Conspiracy Researcher David Icke.
By Mark A. Rivera.

David Icke is the world’s most famous conspiracy researcher. He is the author numerous books and some controversial theories too. Please note that I do not agree with everything David Icke has said or written, but within guidelines that I stipulated to his publicist when I requested the opportunity to interview him after hearing him on talk radio, I found Mr. Icke to be very forthcoming and gracious. In fact I found him to be a gentleman regardless of the content we did discuss and I am very grateful for the time he gave me out of his “World Wide Wakeup Tour, “ which has been selling out in multiple countries. Mr. Icke is now on the USA leg of this tour with a seminar in New York and then he moves on to Los Angeles and SanFrancisco. There will be a link at the end of this interview where those interested in attending can purchase tickets. In addition he has a new book entitled Phantom Self, which can be purchased at booksellers on and offline globally. Below is a transcript of our conversation.

Mark A. Rivera)  Hi Mr. Icke.

David Icke) Is that Mark?

Rivera) Yes.  I really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. I have read some of your books and while I can’t say I agree with everything, I do believe you are on target when you discuss the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” thesis and expose things about the oligarchs have allegedly been a part of and I have to say allegedly, because extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and I do not want to get sued for libel.

Icke) Okay.

Rivera) Do you think most people from one time or another when it comes to things that are not covered overtly in the mainstream media, suffer from willful ignorance as in denial or fear? Pretty much words like conspiracy theorist, truther  or even the term Orwellian has been used as an insults. Do you understand what I am saying?

Icke) Lets start off with conspiracy theorist or conspiracy theory. This term came into wide spread use when the CIA was trying to discredit those in the United States in the 1960s, who were obviously questioning the ludicrous explanation of the Kennedy assassination and were connecting it quite obviously to the assassination of Malcolm X, Martin Luthor King and Bobby Kennedy. This is provable fact. The documents exist. They contacted major media organizations in America in the 1960s to use the terms conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorist to discredit people who were questioning the official narrative and ironically all these decades later and right to this moment the same mainstream media all over the world, in fact they do it in Australia, I just got back from there, are still using this term conspiracy theorist to discredit those who have a different view of world events. I think the biggest thing that is related to how people see the world is something I am going to explain in some detail at these events I am doing. It has to do with what I call the program. If you look at peoples’ lives, virtually every life, it is a constant download of the official version of everything. So you come out of the womb and immediately you are influenced in terms of your perceptions by your parents, who have been through the process you are about  to go through. In a very, very short time after coming into this world, you are now sitting at a desk with an authority figure in front of you, telling you when you have to be there, when you can leave, when you can eat and crucially what is and what isn’t true, what’s possible and not possible and this goes on throughout your formative years, day after day from schooling then college and university where you are downloading the official version of everything. You then leave university or college and by this time you have enormous debt to pay for your own programming and you go off into the institutions. You might go off to be a Politician, a Doctor, a Scientist, a CEO, a Journalist or whatever and you take with you that core programming in terms of your sense of normal, possible and what is. Now all these people who have been through that process are constantly confirming to each other that that download is true. You’re then constantly receiving from the mainstream media the confirmation that your download is how things are and you are constantly subjected to peer pressure from people who have been through what you have been through, but if you start to question it , suddenly they are calling you mad, dangerous or weird because you are questioning the download.

What I have done in the last 26 years is simply questioned, researched into and held to justify itself the official version of everything. Everything from the official story of 9/11 across to the official story about the nature of reality itself. I can tell you when you do that, this download of normal, this real world perception program falls apart like ice in the sun. 

Rivera) Perhaps over a century ago, nobody would even believe radio waves exist and now we have wifi and we have all these things that you can’t see. Our eyes can only see a certain spectrum of light. Animals can detect things that humans can’t like a higher range of hearing or sense of smell, etc. Octopuses can sense things that a human being cannot. That is why often they are used as a model for evolution in terms of if you took octopuses and they evolved over a certain amount of time, they could have the potential to become a sentient species because according to physicists the ability to manipulate your environment is a big part of how animals rise into intelligence. Most animals don’t have the ability to control their environment, but humans do in part because we have opposable thumbs, so millions of years from now a successor to the octopus could become sentient because it has the dexterity of eight tentacles and there is video of an octopus manipulating it’s environment for survival by carrying shells and so forth to hide in. So in terms of their intelligence and the dexterity of their tentacles, they could over millions of years become sentient and even a dominant species because they can even now in a rudimentary way, control their environment.

So we have people willing to believe in many things without a shred of evidence or sometimes ignore what evidence is placed before them because to paraphrase what you have said, it goes against the imprints they believe in. Sometimes people can get downright ugly over the slightest thing.

Icke) I call it the postage stamp consensus. If you go back in history because it has always been the same, the postage stamp consensus has claimed things and burned people at the stake for saying things that are actually on the postage stamp now because of evidence and information became so great that the postage stamp consensus had to accept it as a part of reality so there are many things now that are excepted as real that people were killed for for saying something if you back in history when the postage stamp was much smaller. So you have to accept that if you are going to say things that are different from the norm in a world where people are programmed to believe that norm is all knowing or omnipotent then you are going to have to accept that you not necessary going to be flavor of the month all the time. I’ve been through historic levels of ridicule in Britain, but 26 years later as I go around the world now, I’ve just done events in Britain and across Australia and New Zealand, there is a change taking place. There is no question about it. Not the majority. Of course not. Nothing like that, but a significant larger number of people now are opening their minds to information and possibilities they would have waved away with a reflex action and if you live a life where you only interact with the people you work with, people in your community, you might not see that, but I travel so much all over the world I see it. I’m seeing the change. I mean I’m talking in Romania in November and I’m giving a talk and it will be translated to the Romanians from what I say in English, there was 4000 people there. This was unheard of in the past because people are beginning to open their minds into not accepting what they are told. 

Britain you know had virtually the entire political spectrum from left to right had told the British people that if you vote to come out of the European Union, there will be economic catastrophe and the British people in a significant majority voted to leave the EU. This would not have happened not long ago.

Rivera) Pretty much what you are saying even applies to the current political situation that we have with the Presidential election. You really can’t comment on either side and basically it seems to be that the faces change, but the agenda stays the same.

Icke) To be honest though Barack Obama has done us a real favor actually without meaning to for the very reasons you are just talking about. People if they observe politics not just in America, all around the world, you find that the parties change, but the direction of the country and the direction of world, the fate of the people does not. So you start to realize actually there has got to be a common theme here that I go into detail in my tour appearances. For instance during the Bush administration you had what were called the Neo Cons or Neo Conservatives and they dominated the Bush administration through the period of those two terms and dictated the policy for military action in the Middle East. Then you have in the democratic party a group of people that I call the Demo Cons. These are people like George Soros and actually the Clintons as well. They nominate the policy and direction of the Democratic Party and that was the cabal that made sure Bernie Sanders was never going to win the nomination over Hilary Clinton who was the chosen one and that came out in leaked emails, etc. Now the things is then you go one step back further into the shadows, the Neo Cons are the Demo Cons and serve the same masters so no matter who is in the White House that force is in the White House and what the favor Barack Obama gave us was particularly in his first election campaign, nobody in political history could claim to be about change and promote it and of course what has basically changed? It’s business as usual. The list of countries that the Neo Cons came up with in a document from September of 2000, where they wanted a regime change in multi theater wars included Iraq, Syria, Libya, and they also want Iran once they have been through Syria. If we get through there. So you had lies told, blatantly accepted now by the Bush and Blair governments. Not even governments. It’s just a few people. They lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and then the next one on the list was Libya and after that was Syria that was not Bush or Blair. It was Mr. Change Obama and David Cameron and neither were in the same respective police parties, but the same list was being ticked off. Why? Because of that hidden hand is in control of the list and because it is in control of those in the White House, the list continued.

What they had to do Mark to keep people’s attention and interest, they have had to come up with these gimmicks like the first Black President. He wasn’t the first black President in the way that people perceived. He was the first black puppet in the White House to this hidden hand and now the two points of interest they are trying to sell us are Hilary as the first woman President and with Trump you have got the sales pitch that he is this independent maverick. Like heck he is. The man is barely one dimensional. coming out with vacuous phrases and statements like in the first day illegal immigrants will all be gone. Well nonsense. Of course they won’t. We’ve got a significant majority of American people who don’t want either of them. But because of the way the system works it is an either or. In almost every country you two parties. sometimes three, but usually it is two. So you vote for party A and if you don’t like what they’ve done, at the next election you vote for party B. They if you don’t like them, the only way to get them out is to vote for party A. 

You know in 2011, I was speaking in the Ukraine and there was a people's revolution that threw out the guy for corruption and they put in this other guy, who eventually fell out of favor, but the only way to get rid of him was to vote him out through the opposing party, which was still headed by the same man they threw out to begin with so they ended up voting the man they got rid of in the beginning and that the revolted against back into office again. It’s the natural product that is occurring now in America that most people don’t want.

Hilary Clinton is such an unbelievable hard sell to the American public because of her history. It would be disastrous if she gets into the White House because over and over again, she is targeting Putin and whatever Donald Trump says now, you will see things will be completely different if he gets into the White House because he hasn’t got a clue and he will end up listening to the same advisors Hilary Clinton does because he will realize he is not prepared for this.

Rivera) I am running out of space on the hard drive here so I want to skip now to the subject of transhumanism. On one side I do think it is a good thing if it can make a person with nerve damage and through some kind of electronic stimulus  allow the person to walk again. However these people who are promoting the idea of humans merging with machines is to live forever artificially with machines and you know the thing about life is that it is transitory. You may disagree with me, but in my opinion this is a transitory place. We’re spiritual beings and if look back from the mythology of contemporary films and novels to ancient legends, most of the time it ends up being a curse such as in the case of Zardoz the Elite find a way of living forever and the is not even a tale regarding transhumanism, but never the less centuries later they see their immortality as a curse. and if you look at the myth of vampires and whatnot, they are damned. So when you look at that stuff I think to myself life is transitory and it is supposed to be that way. Living forever as a hybrid of machine and human could be a prison for the soul. 

Icke) Regarding transhumanism, you’ve got people like Ray Kurzweil who is developing this technology to put inside people. It began with cell phones and smart watches and Google Glass and make the next logical step to have technology within the human body so that their brains and perceptions to what he calls the cloud, but I have been calling it in my books for a very long time, a technologically generated sub reality. He’s saying by 2030, people will be connected to this cloud and they’ll be thinking from the cloud and as they take more and more from the cloud, the cloud will be doing more and more of their thinking. These are his words, “they’ll be nothing left of what we call human.”  The reason they are saying this openly is because they are trying to sell the idea that it will make us superhuman. In reality it will make us subhuman. 

Elon Musk finances high tech developments and he is saying yes, robots are taking over and when they reach the point of what they call the singularity where they will be more intelligent than humans and then we must have transhumanism to keep up with the machines. Why not just stop making machines, but they don’t want that. Transhumanism is about taking over human thinking until humans are nothing more than a computer terminal of this cloud. This wifi network, which is what this cloud is based on and of course if you are to do that you need this wifi cloud connected to the human mind everywhere. This is why Facebook and Google and all these other organizations are putting these satellites up so they can bathe the entire Earth with wifi. That was what was happening with this rocket that exploded that was connected to Elon Musk and Space X  and that rocket was supposed to take up a satellite to bathe the entirety of Africa with wifi. This is what is actually happening. I read an article in Forbes magazine last year that was predicting in the next three or four years, implantables will be just as common as wearables. People then line up early in the morning to get this latest technology and what they are doing is placing themselves into a perceptual prison. 

Rivera) Not to mention the planned product becoming obsolete so consumers are forced to upgrade. Basically there is so much predictive programming in science fiction and sci-fi and I am not saying the people who makes these movies, TV shows, and write books are up to something. I think it is just a kind of awareness some people have. Perhaps on some level, everyone. I used to work with the mentally ill, the disabled and single mothers on welfare and in particularly with the disabled and the mentally ill, they are referred to as consumers. As if someone goes into a store and asks for some anxiety with a side order of depression. I think there is more dignity in being called a patient if you are ill than a consumer. I tell you also, in my opinion of all the dystopian visions of science fiction I have seen, the one that rings the most true to me is Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. I highly recommend it. 
Icke) Okay Mark, I will have to give that a look. The thing about sci-fi is much of it, but not all of it is presenting what they want to introduce. That’s why so much technology, if you look at it. Things like Star Trek show things we now have. It’s called preemptive programming Over the last ten or fifteen years there has been movie after movie that has been predicting a dystopian society. If you notice in films. I noticed in Harry Potter that they are shot in a semi darkness. Preemptive programming is the world they are in the process to bringing to the masses. In order to avoid any resistance from accepting any kind of thing they have in mind, they introduce it so people become comfortable with it should it be introduced because the conscious/subconscious mind somehow familiar with that world and people then are less likely to question what is going on. 

Rivera) If there is anything about your book, Phantom Self that you want the people who read this interview to know?

Icke) Phantom Self refers to the fake self identity we are programmed to have from the cradle to the grave. We are in our infinite eternal level, simply awareness. Our current form is simply to experience different situations on this level, but what happens is people identify themselves with the program as I described earlier and we are constantly being told to self identify with labels based on the five senses instead of our higher awareness. 

Rivera) Thank you very much for your time Mr. Icke. I wish you all the best on your tour. 

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