Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Devastating Blow to Public Media Must Be Stopped.

The complete cut to funding to PBS is not what I call making America great again. It is making Americans ignorant again. PBS is the best channel on free over the air American television. It educates and provides multiple points of view for all Americans to ponder.  

For nearly 55 years, PBS Thirteen has served the tri-state community with programming that educates, enlightens and inspires. PBS has provided children a safe harbor in a television environment that often contains content unfit for growing minds. And PBS provides materials that teachers use in the classroom each and every day. All for $1.35 per taxpayer. 

PBS Thirteen and other PBS stations nationwide need the public's support to stand up for Public Broadcasting System networks like Thirteen when our elected officials have threatened to eliminate funding. 

Please help PBD now. Visit to learn more.