Thursday, June 12, 2014

Story: Movies That Predict The Future

There’s new unpublished research that’s coming out just as we are teased with a possible new warp drive and a scanner that can determine the composition of any material.


Both were featured in Star Trek.


And that’s not a surprise to the over 2,000 Americans who were polled on which SciFi storyline most accurately predicts the future.


Overwhelmingly they voted for Star Trek – which even beat out Her – a move that takes place in the not so distant future with Siri-like operating systems. 


Here’s a look at how Americans ranked the movies that most accurately predicted the future.


1. Star Trek

2. The Jetsons

3. Minority Report (tie)

3. 1984 (tie)

3. Her (tie)

3. Wall-E (tie)

4. Total Recall

5. X-Men (tie)

5. The Terminator (tie)

5. Star Wars (tie)

6. Blade Runner (tie)

6. Battlestar Galactica (tie)

6. 2001 (tie)


This research is coming from SOASTA, which helped NASA prepare its website for the onslaught of visitors who wanted to watch the Mars curiosity landing live