Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mark Wahlberg + John Goodman - six degrees of separation

All this time we have all believed that Kevin Bacon is living proof of six degrees of separation or as the feature film and television star put it in a humorous TV commercial, "Hi I'm Kevin Bacon. Center of the Universe..."  Well I have always felt we are all basically mutts despite whatever we are raised to believe we are from. I mean sooner or later I am sure we would be shocked to find out who our ancestors are. 

Yet you never know? Case and point, movie star Mark Wahlberg, who is next to be seen in Transformers: Age of Extinction" hitting theaters on June 26, is featured as an example of family history and surprising relations and researched and documented by the leading global family history website MyHeritage (www.MyHeritage.com), who looked into the actor's family tree, records and genealogy and found some "hot" family facts about two of the top tier actors in the movie.

According to MyHeritage's team of Family Historians with Geni.comfound:

·      Mark Wahlberg (Cade Yeager in Transformers):

·      Related to Co-Star John Goodman: They are 13th cousin twice removed.

·      Former Co-Star Is Family: Megan Fox (previous Transformers star) is Mark's 17th cousin once removed.

·      Connection to Former "Ted" Director/Co-Star: Seth MacFarlane is Mark's 13th cousin once removed. 

·      Boston Pride: Matt Damon (The Departed co-star) is Mark's 12th cousin once removed.

·      King Of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley is Mark's 11th cousin thrice removed.

·      Sharing Comedic Talent: Mark is sharing comedic talent with Ellen DeGeneres--13th cousin once removed.

·      8 Mile Connection: Eminem is Mark's 13th cousin twice removed.

 John Goodman (Voice of Hound in Transformers):

·      Argo Connection: Ben Affleck (Argo co-star & director) is John's 10th cousin once removed.

·      Gotta Love Clooney: George Clooney (Monuments Men co-star) is John's 15th cousin.

·      Both Actors are Connected with Spike Lee: John is 14th cousin and Mark's 15th cousin with Spike.

·      "Royals": Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom is John's 14th cousin four times remove.

·      Political: Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the USA is John's 8th cousin twice removed.

·      Writer in the Family: William Shakespeare is John's fourth cousin 15 times removed.

·      Computer Wiz: Bill Gates is John's 8th cousin twice removed.


Interested in discovering more? Explore the family trees for yourself at http://geni.com/kjDXh

Six Degrees of Seperation. It's more than a play and a movie or a clever theory. It's seems to be a fact of life!