Friday, June 6, 2014

Edge Of Tomorrow Theatrical Film Review

Saw the new Tom Cruise sci-fi flick Edge Of Tomorrow. Cruise has become the big scifi action star and he is good in this film. He has kind of taken the place of Schwarzenegger in these kinds of films. If this was made twenty years ago, I imagine Arnold would have been the star and elements like the dialogue would have been very different. It sort of mashes up Starship Troopers, even though there are no starships, with Groundhog Day by way of a Philip K. Dick story, but the aliens are a lot like the sentinels in the Matrix trilogy and the alien invaders in Skyline. One reminded me a bit of the reveal of the alien invaders seen in The Darkest Day too. The ending seemed kind of too simplified, but overall I liked the movie enough to give it a recommendation if you like Tom Cruise and sci-fi action flicks.