Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Unofficial Doctor Who: The Big Book Of Lists Review

The following excerpt is from the press release. I found it describes exactly what the book is about perfectly and so credit goes to publicist who wrote it. My review is below this excerpt.
Known for his popular lists, Cameron K. McEwan AKA Blogtor Who, author of The Who's Who of Doctor Who, is back with a book that compiles loads of fun facts and never-before-heard tidbits about the Whoniverse. Pour over loads of fascinating lists about the TARDIS, Gallifrey, and Daleks, as the fandom unites in epic appreciation for The Doctor. Organized by theme, Unofficial Doctor Who: The Big Book of Listswill cover everything over the past fifty years of the epic series including: doppelgangers, popular locales, regenerations, Gallifrey adventures, highest-rated episodes, plots, characters and loads more.
Accompanied by the incredible Doctor Who artwork of Andrew Skilleter and loaded with weird and interesting facts and quizzes, this is the perfect gift item for the timelord lover in your life.
Lists include:
- Actors who have appeared in Star Wars and Doctor Who
- Doctor Who film references
- Top 10 Kisses of the Doctor
- Dopplegangers in Doctor Who
- American Guest Appearances
- Food and Drink in Doctor Who
- "Other" Doctor Who stories (prequels, minisodes, etc...)
- Regeneration Stories
- Gallifrey Adventures
- Alien Team-ups
- People Who Came Back From The Dead
- TARDIS consoles
- Weirdest TARDIS dematerialisations
- Highest-Rated TV Episodes
- Lowest-Rated TV Episodes
Review Begins Below:
Cameron McEwan’s Unofficial Doctor Who: The Big Book of Lists is lavishly illustrated flexbound softcover book, which gives the front and back cover as well as the spine a premium feel while protecting the content inside and keeping the suggested retail price affordable at $21.99 in the USA, 12.99 in the UK and $23.99 in Canada. This is a nearly three  hundred pages of lists though. Just trivia lists, but the presentation and variety as well as it’s inclusive nature up to the current Doctor at the time of this posting is what makes this book an amusing companion for fans of all ages. Andrew Skilleter.s illustrations and cover art is simply amazing. Chck out Cameron McEwan’s website at www.blogtorwho.com and visit Andrew Skilleter’s websitr at www.andrewskilleter.comCameron McEwan’s Unofficial Doctor Who: The Big Book of Lists is available at retailers on and offline courtesy of Race Point Publishing. Also available is The Who’s Who Of Doctor Who from Race Point Publishing as well. Here is the link to my review of the book in 2014:

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