Wednesday, May 13, 2015

REC 4: Apocalypse DVD Review

The fourth entry in the REC franchise is now available on DVD-Video courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and is a step above the this installment because it confines it's horror to a  ship and ditched the found footage for a more traditional narrative style with a high production value and plenty of thrills too. After a brief prologue that takes the viewer back to the building and details the protagonist's rescue follow by the destruction of the building, we now see Angela has been transferred to a ship where an infected monkey starts the whole chain reaction again. Jaume Balaguero returns to direct this installment, which is sold online at retailers like Amazon on demand only.

Otherwise the 16 by 9 widescreen aspect ratio looks spot on and a making of featurette is also included. The DVD can also be purchased at brick and mortar stores like Best Buy and online at Best Buy too. 

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