Monday, October 28, 2013

Snuff Blu-ray Disc Review

Snuff is a notorious cult film from the mid 1970s that was believed to have been a real "snuff film" and in fact created an urban legend around itself when it was released upon movie goers and as a result the film was often vilified and even a criminal investigation into the making of the movie added to it's cult status. 

The film is not a "snuff film." It was a hoax that in hindsight sounds pretty obvious when one reeds the synopsis to the film. An actress arrives in South America to shoot a movie on location where she becomes the target of a cult leader named Satan, who sends his biker chicks out to kill her in his name. 

The film's graphic violence, which includes a sacrifice of an unborn baby was inspired by headlines in the press related to the Manson family murders and in spite of the obviousness of this in the mid. 1970s, people still believed the movie was real, which says something about how even in the 1970s, when people were looking back at the 1950s fondly as a more innocent time, the reality is that societal innocence never ceases to end. 

People can be convinced of anything when they cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not. I would suggest that it is harder to distinguish reality more so today than in the 1970s in our ever changing post-media-holic society where oxymorons are commonplace and infamy seems to be traded coin for coin with the famous in a society obsessed with celebrity.

Mirroring the DVD release from years earlier, Blue Underground has released Snuff in a special blood red Elite BD Case to contrast it's notorious status by making it stick out in one's cult film Blu-ray library. 

The film is presented in 1080p HD (1.85:1) aspect ratio with an English DTS-HD MA Mono Soundtrack and English Subtitles. The special features include image galleries of promotional stills, newspaper clippings, original VHS artwork, poster art, etc. Several interviews offer intriguing insight into the making of this film.

For hardcore cult film collectors, Snuff" is available now on Blu-ray Disc courtesy of Blue Underground.

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