Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Elysium Announced For Blu-ray Release This December!



“Head-spinning action. Matt Damon could not be better.”  

- Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE


“One of the most entertaining action films of the year.”

– Richard Roeper, CHICAGO SUN TIMES


Sci-Fi, Action-Thriller from the Director of District 9




Starring Academy Award® Winner Matt Damon & 
Academy Award® Winner Jodie Foster


Available Dec. 17 on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD & Digital

Combo Pack includes Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD UltraViolet™




Culver City, CA (10/1/13) – From Academy Award® nominated writer/director Neill Blomkamp (2010, Best Adapted Screenplay,District 9) comes the visionary sci-fi action thriller ELYSIUM, available on Blu-ray™ combo pack, DVD and digital HD UltraViolet on Dec. 17 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The Blu-ray combo pack comes with hours of bonus materials, including an extended scene, and six behind-the-scenes featurettes that give an in-depth look at the making of the film, including the performances, production design, visual effects and the technology of ELYSIUM


Fans get an inside look at the process of shooting the film’s visual effects scenes, and incorporating CGI environments and vehicles into those scenes in post-production with the featurette “In Support of Story: The Visual Effects of Elysium.”  “The Technology of 2154” featurette shows filmmakers discussing the technology ofElysium, from independently functioning Droids to next-generation military technology that gives humans machine-enhanced power. “The Journey to Elysium” explores the pre-production of the film, including the first steps taken to build the “future world” and casting the right actors, followed by a discussion with filmmakers and cast on the journey through production, as well as a post-production diary that gives a look at the editing process, including the challenges of marrying the practical shots with their CGI counterparts.  The “Visions of 2154” featurette is an interactive exploration of the art and design of Elysium. Also starring in the film is two-time Academy Award® winner Jodie Foster (1992, Best Actress, TheSilence of the Lambs, 1989, Best Actress, The Accused), alongside a strong international supporting cast, including Sharlto Copley (District 9), Alice Braga (I Am Legend), Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama Tambien), Wagner Moura (Elite Squad) and William Fichtner (The Lone Ranger).


Synopsis: In the year 2154, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy, who live on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium, and the rest who live in an overpopulated, ruined Earth.  Secretary Delacourt (Foster) will stop at nothing to preserve the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens of Elysium – but that doesn’t stop the people of Earth from trying to get in by any means they can.  Max (Damon) agrees to take on a life threatening mission, one that could bring equality these polarized worlds.


ELYSIUM was produced by Bill Block (District 9Vanilla Sky), Neill Blomkamp, and Simon Kinberg (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterX-Men: First Class), and executive produced by Sue Baden-Powell (The BoxThe Invention of Lying). The film’s run time is about 109 minutes and it has been rated R for strong, bloody violence and language throughout.


Bonus Materials Exclusive to the Blu-ray Include:

·         Extended Scene

·         Visions of 2154 – An interactive exploration of the art and design of Elysium.

·         The Journey to Elysium:

o   Envisioning Elysium - This pre-production diary explores all facets of pre-production

o   Capturing Elysium - With production in Vancouver, Mexico, and on huge green screen stages, the challenge of filming was nothing short of massive.  The filmmakers and cast discuss the journey through the film’s production.

o   Enhancing Elysium - This post-production diary explores the editing process

·         In Support of Story: The Visual Effects of Elysium - An in-depth look at the process of shooting visual effects scenes and incorporating CGI environments and vehicles into those scenes in post-production. 

·         The Technology of 2154 - From independently functioning Droids to next-generation military tech that gives humans machine-enhanced power, get insight from the filmmakers on the technology ofElysium.


Bonus Materials Included on Both the Blu-ray and DVD:

·         Collaboration: Crafting the Performances in Elysium- Meet the dynamic cast and get insight into how they prepared for their roles.

·         Engineering Utopia: Creating a Society in the Sky - A look at designing and creating the utopian space station.