Friday, October 25, 2013

Cool things I discovered today online.

I was doing some research into one of my favorite Editors on CNET.COM, which is not only a website, but a multimedia resource for just about anything in consumer technology with a channel on ROKU and more. So I decided to Google myself because I had not done so in a while and let's face it, it is just one of those things we have all done but usually don't talk about and I will leave it there, okay... ;)

Among the stuff I discovered were a few new places where my book is being sold around the world and  a listing or two I did not know existed, but never the less am happy  to discover so here is what I found:

Kalahari is a large bookseller in Africa with an App in the iTunes App Store too.

My book is also available at Better Read Than Dead:

Finally between my book and blogging, reviewing and more at I now have a profile on Newsie with followers too I didn't know I had, but am happy to learn, welcome and embrace. Thank you.