Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 Review (No Spoilers)

Wonder Woman 1984 is a gift that is even better than the first film. It a home-run not only for HBO MAX but for Warner Bros. Pictures in general as well as for the DCEU. I don’t believe in doing spoiler reviews so I am posting my sheer initial emotional responses to the film after screening it yesterday courtesy of Warner Brothers, who graciously granted me this early look so I can talk or in this case type about the film. My initial reaction was this is what Captain Marvel should’ve been for the MCU.

Wonder Woman 1984 has everything that Captain Marvel doesn’t have.

I am looking forward to buying the 4K Blu-ray when it comes out. Pedro Pascal plays the main villain and brings humanity to the role and Chris Pine returns in an emotional role that shows the great chemistry Gadot and Pine share whenever they are on screen. Kristen Wiig does a far better job than I was expecting initially considering I am not necessarily a fan of all of her work. However she really does do a great job here and she honestly doesn’t even need the make up used in the film for her climactic showdown with Wonder Woman. 

In some ways this movie reminded me a little bit of Superman II as compared to Superman: The Movie and however when I first saw Superman II, I thought it was better than the original, later I only grew up to find that my opinion had changed and now I feel the original was far better than the sequel, but here I think that Jenkins has managed to create a sequel that stands on its own and doesn’t even need to be compared to the original. Overall I think anybody who goes to the theater to see Wonder Woman 1984 or watch is it on HBO MAX will be very pleased with their investment. Wonder Woman 1984 opens officially on HBO MAX and theatrically December 25, 2020.

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