Sunday, December 6, 2020

A special message from Eugene Clark.


Hey everybody, my friend Eugene Clark, who some of you may recognize from his role as the zombie protagonist Big Daddy in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead has a new film coming out and he shared this information with me so I can share it with all of you so let me hand the space to Eugene.

Hi Everybody, I'm co starring in 


Directed by Meagan Fellows

Sunday Dec 6th on Bounce TV. info below.

This first link is to IMDB which will show you the cast, director and production team.



We are mere days away from our big premiere  on Bounce TV


▪︎Eugene Clark plays Pops

▪︎POPS — “In this movie I play Pops, the father of Angela.  Of course, I just want her to be happy … but what daughter listens to her old man, anyhow?” 

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▪︎Tune in info – “Sunday night December 6th at 9/8c on 


▪︎Bounce Listings (for

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▪︎ “”


Airdate: Premiere (December 6th) Sunday at 9/8c on @bouncetv

“Which channel? Find Bounce by going to” 

The Concept: “A young pastor, DANIEL, falls hard for a beautiful parishioner (ANGELA) who is despondent over her father POPS' illness… yet Daniel hesitates to show his feelings, reluctant to cross that professional line.  But when Angela suddenly agrees to marry her ex-boyfriend (MONTY) at Christmas just a few weeks hence, the heartbroken desperate pastor — though riddled with guilt and against his better judgment — sets out to break them up ... even as he helps the couple prepare for their wedding.” 

Character line (see below)  and link to their imdb page to see their photo and resume.

▪︎DIRECTED BY: Meagan Fellows

▪︎Brandon Jay McLaren plays Daniel

▪︎DANIEL — “In this movie I play Daniel, the pastor who falls in love with the bright, big-hearted and worried Angela.  I’m always trying to do the right thing.  Well, almost always…. But do nice guys always have to finish last??” 

▪︎Gabriella Graham plays Angela

▪︎ANGELA — “In this movie I play Angela, worried sick about my ailing father, and very grateful to Pastor Daniel for all the kindness & attention he shows us… and me.  I think he’s into me … but why won’t he step it up?” 

POPS — “In this movie I play Pops, the father of Angela.  Of course, I just want her to be happy … but what daughter listens to her old man, anyhow?” 

▪︎ Kareem Alleyne plays Monty

▪︎MONTY — “In this movie I play Monty, Angela’s ex-boyfriend who comes back into the picture upon hearing about her father’s illness.  She’s great and all … but why is she so tight with this pastor dude?” 

▪︎ Arlene Duncan plays Vera

▪︎VERA — “In this movie I play the wife of Pops and the mother of Angela.  He’s under the weather?  Stop babying him!  And NO, I’m not in denial!” 

▪︎Sagine Sémajuste plays Shana

▪︎SHANA — “In this movie I play Angela’s sister Shana.  I know Daddy’s sick, but with a baby on the way, I’m glad Angela’s around.  And that pastor sure seems to like her an awful lot, too….” 

▪︎Ryan Allen plays Darryl

▪︎DARRYL — “In this movie I play Angela’s brother-in-law Darryl.  Some say I’m a loving husband, some say I’m ’whipped, some say I’m comic relief.  The truth?  You be the judge, baby!” 

▪︎Shane Marriott plays Kadeem

▪︎KADEEM — “In this movie I play Kadeem, Pastor Daniel’s old friend from high school.  I’m a chef now but mostly trying to serve Daniel some good advise… like Bust a move already, dog!” 

▪︎Toya Alexis plays Jan McCann

▪︎JAN McCANN —  “In this movie I play Jan ‘Find me a man’ McCann — happily divorced and eyeing that cute new preacher.  Do I got competition?  Ha!  Step aside, girl!” 

▪︎Rothaford Gray plays Rev Treadgold

▪︎REV. JOHN TREADGOLD — “In this movie I play Pastor Daniel’s mentor, the senior minister expecting to retire after Daniel's probationary trial ends.  Daniel is smart, funny, tireless, and cares deeply.  What could go wrong?” 

▪︎Jackie Richardson plays Mrs Treadgold

▪︎HAZEL TREADGOLD — “In this movie I play Rev. Treadgold’s wife Hazel, who also happens to play the organ in the church.  What’s better than Christmas or weddings?  A wedding at Christmas!!!” 

▪︎Andrew Moodie plays Deacon Jones

▪︎DEACON JONES — “In this movie I play Timothy Jones, the church deacon who’s not all that impressed with this new pastor.  I’m sort of a smiling cobra … so watch out, Daniel. This church is only big enough for one of us!” 

▪︎Amanda Barker plays Mrs Ramirez

▪︎MRS. RAMIREZ — “In this movie I play Mrs. Ramirez, the seemingly airhead church secretary.  But I see more than I let on, y’all!” 

▪︎Dylan Trowbridge plays Crenshaw

▪︎CRENSHAW — “In this movie I play Crenshaw, a homeless vet down on his luck who finds himself entangled with this irreverent love triangle … when all I really want is a burrito and an ugly Christmas sweater!  Is that too much to ask!?!”