Monday, December 2, 2019


Arlington, VA – December 2, 2019 – This December, PBS Distribution will stream all new episodes from fan favorite PBS shows including “Lidia Celebrates America: Home for the Holidays,” “No Passport Required, Season 2,” “Poetry in America, Season 1,” and multiple seasons of “Easy Yoga For the Rest of Us with Peggy Cappy,” among others on PBS LIVING. The subscription rate for the PBS LIVING Prime Video Channel is $2.99/month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. PBS LIVING is also available on Apple TV Channels in the Apple TV app at a subscription rate of $2.99/month with no additional annual fees. Every purchase helps support public television for all. 
Information about each of the programs is listed below.
Lidia Celebrates America: Home for the Holidays
For celebrity chef, author, and restaurateur Lidia Bastianich, there is no place like home – especially at Christmas, her favorite time of year. In Home for the Holidays, Lidia invites six celebrity guests to her holiday table: Christopher Walken, award-winning actor and childhood friend; award-winning stage and screen star Rita MorenoAnn Curry, television journalist; model and television host Padma Lakshmi; celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson; and conductor Carlo Ponti, Jr

Streaming Date: December 6, 2019
Episodes: 1
Genre: How To: Culinary Arts
Combining the best of the old and the new, Lidia shares her own culinary customs with the varied holiday traditions of her guests, beginning in the kitchen and ending at the dinner table, where Lidia has prepared a dish inspired by each of her guests’ roots and ethnic culinary traditions. The program tells the deeply personal stories of each individual’s journey to and in America, all set against a backdrop in which they share a wonderful and delicious meal that represents the diverse flavors that are all part of celebrating the yuletide in New York. 
No Passport Required, Season 2
Hosted by renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson, No Passport Required is a six-part series that takes viewers on another inspiring journey across the U.S. to explore and celebrate the wide-ranging diversity of immigrant traditions and cuisine woven into American food and culture. Each week Marcus – an immigrant himself – visits a new city to learn about the dynamic and creative ways a particular community has made its mark. 

Streaming DateDecember 14, 2019
Episodes: 6
Genre: How To: Culinary Arts
A vibrant portrait of America today, No Passport Required features chefs, entrepreneurs, artists, community leaders, and home cooks who have enhanced the nation’s culture and cuisine. Viewers explore the wonders of the world’s global food traditions right here in the United States. 
Chefs Marcus & Vivian: A Taste of What's Next
In A Taste of What’s Next Chefs Marcus Samuelsson of No Passport Required and Vivian Howard of Somewhere South travel to downtown Los Angeles to reflect on what is to come for the upcoming season of their shows.

Streaming DateDecember 14, 2019
Episodes: 1
Genre: How To: Culinary Arts
Ornament of the World
Ornament of the World tells the story of a remarkable time in history when the Muslims, Christians and Jews forged a common identity that frequently transcended their religious differences. The program retraces a 700-year period in medieval Spain, from the 8th through 15th centuries, during which the three cultures, though they competed and sometimes fought, managed to sustain relationships that enabled them to coexist, collaborate and flourish. 

Streaming DateDecember 18, 2019
Episodes: 1
Genre: History: World
The film blends evocative cinematography with dramatic and lifelike animation to take viewers on a fascinating journey through the cities at the center of the story: Cordoba, Seville, Toledo, and Granada. Viewers will discover what made this rare and fruitful collaboration possible and what ultimately tore it apart. 
Lidia Celebrates America: Return of the Artisans
In Return of the Artisans Lidia Bastianich travels the country to meet with American makers who are mastering the art of meat curing, coopering, coppersmithing, jam-making, cider-making, and more—and finds out what inspires and fuels them. She sees how artisanal crafts and small businesses area fulfilling way to earn a livelihood, and how many craftspeople are bringing their skills back to their own communities.

Streaming Date: December 21, 2019
Episodes: 1
Genre: How To: Culinary Arts
Lucy Worsley's 12 Days of Tudor Christmas
In Lucy Worsley’s 12 Days of Tudor Christmas, viewers join historian Lucy Worsley on a 12-day extravaganza as she discovers that much of what we enjoy in contemporary Christmas -- carols, turkey, gift-giving, mistletoe, and mulled wine -- has a surprising origin stemming from the Tudor period, which was rooted in devotion and charity.

Streaming DateDecember 26, 2019
Episodes: 1
Genre: History
Poetry in America, Season 1
Poetry in America gathers distinguished interpreters from all walks of life to explore and debate 12 unforgettable American poems. Viewers join host and Harvard professor Elisa New to experience and share the power of poetry in this visually dazzling and archivally rich series. Among others, follow Langston Hughes to Harlem, Carl Sandburg to Chicago, and Emily Dickinson to Amherst.Along the way, athletes, poets, politicians, musicians, architects, scientists, actors, entrepreneurs, and citizens of all ages join the program to reflect on essential works of the American literary imagination.

Streaming DateDecember 27, 2019
Episodes: 12
Genre: Arts: Literature
Yoga for the Rest of Us with Peggy Cappy
Peggy Cappy’s unique approach to yoga has adults finding new energy and flexibility and feeling better than they ever dreamed possible. Yoga for the Rest of Us will ease viewers into the world of yoga – whatever their age and ability. Use it in the morning or at night and discover how easily yoga can be incorporated into your daily routine and how quickly you’ll see the benefits for your body and spirit. 

All of the programs from Peggy Cappy that will be available to stream are: 
  • Yoga for the Rest of Us with Peggy Cappy: A Step-By-Step Yoga Workout

Streaming DateDecember 27, 2019
Seasons: 8
Episodes: 8
Genre: How To: Health & Fitness
  • Back Care Basics
  • Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy
  • Easy Yoga for Diabetes with Peggy Cappy
  • Easy Yoga for Easing Pain with Peggy Cappy
  • Heart Healthy Yoga with Peggy Cappy
Craft in America, Season 9
This season of Craft in America features two episodes – Identity and Quilts and features a number of artists that have helped shape their craft. In Identity, artists explore issues of gender, race, culture and place, offering true expressions of their experience in this world. The artists featured in Identityinclude: potter Diego Romero, photographer Cara Romero, furniture maker Wendy Maruyama, and sculptor Cristina C√≥rdova. In Quilts, viewers learn about contemporary quilters from diverse traditions and the important role quilts have played in our country’s story.

Streaming DateDecember 28, 2019
Episodes: 2
Genre: How To: Crafts
Quilters featured in this episode include: Susan Hudson, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Michael A. Cummings, Judith Content, the International Quilt Museum, and special guest Ken Burns. Craft in America is the Peabody Award-winning series celebrating and advancing original handcrafted work and inspiring people of all ages to pursue their own creativity. Craft in Americaexplores the history and significance of the craft movement in the United States.