Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Statement Of My Endeavors For The New Decade.

There is a reason why I posted links to my bibliography on both the ISFBD (Internet Speculative Fiction Database)

and that is not to post a feather on my page and say, “See how good I am?” It doesn’t matter how many horns I toot. Ultimately the readers decide. Taking that into consideration, I put this up much like you may find listings on IMDB because I have a third book coming and though I can be positive that it will not be released in 2020, I can state a few things. The book will be full fledge novel and not a novella like my second book. It will be Speculative Fiction or Science Fiction because that is my favorite genre. It will continue with the theme of perception because it fascinates me and it will involve a form of astral projection though I can’t state more about that. Finally while it has no story connection with my previous books, it may be the start of a trilogy depending on the reception, but regardless is being written as a stand alone book too. I won’t have any further information until I get closer to publication date, which is still more than a year from now. So that is all I have for now, but for those of you who may be interested and or curious, I wanted to share this before the holiday. Please note that I will be continuing my work on because as someone close reminded me, “It’s what I do.” So thank you all for your support. I could never do this without any of you because contrary to what some may think, whether we know it or not, we all have profound impacts on each other even on subtle levels and that is what enables all of us to continue onward like the navigator on a ship enjoying the journey while getting closer to our destination. Thank you all and Happy Holidays.

Mark Rivera AKA Karma River