Monday, May 27, 2019

Fright Night: "Monster Brawl": Crypt.TV Monster Universe Episode - 1 Review

Well when I first heard about this, I thought it would be the monsters fighting each other "Mortal Kombat" style, but I have to admit, I got sucked into this episode even though this is more of the same from a channel that has inventively created an imaginative monster universe with professional quality effects and so forth. I know for horror fans, the monsters are the antiheroes of a sort, but when things become too nihilistic, it will alienate the casual viewer. Things I hope they avoid are, killing off the protagonist either off screen or right away without regard to his story and the potential created by giving us hints of a larger background and story to contrast against these monsters. I want to see the characters (fleshed out) and I want to see monsters fight because the weekly slaying of some morally questionable person loses it's entertainment value week after week because they have no way to survive. So shake it up Crypt Keepers cause monsters are only as fun as how they are used. Thank you and you're welcome.

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