Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What No One Seems To Be Asking...

Microsoft announce the XBOX ONE S All Digital Edition, which effectively kills the 4K optical drive on the game system. You will still pay $250 dollars or so for it, but in a way you are getting less for your money.

I am sad to see the 4K optical drive go because I love physical media and miss being able to browse a store and buy a few discs of whatever the content I wanted. Of course I am in the minority on this so I don't expect my opinion to matter, but this has larger implications and personally, I don't see anyone addressing how this ties into the death of brick and mortar stores in general.

The move toward "shoe box" apartments and tiny homes where you will pay more for less now. You see the world seems to change fast, but if you look at history, the roots go back further. So who is profiting from this? Ask yourself why have people become increasingly isolated. Why is there a push to make everyone stream or download everything? It may be a good thing or it may not. Just think for yourself because ultimately the future depends solely on your actions now. Thank you.