Monday, April 8, 2019

An All-New Les Misérables Debuts & More!

Les Misérables
Victor Hugo's masterpiece comes to television in a six-part adaptation by award-winning screenwriter Andrew Davies. Dominic West stars as fugitive Jean Valjean, with David Oyelowo as his pursuer Inspector Javert and Lily Collins as the luckless single mother Fantine. The full series will be available for Members to stream with THIRTEEN Passport on the night of the premiere.
Reconstruction: America After The Civil War
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. presents the definitive history of the transformative years following the American Civil War, when the nation struggled to rebuild itself amidst profound loss, massive destruction, and revolutionary social change.
Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People
Discover the man behind the award. A journalist who became a media mogul with an outspoken, cantankerous editorial voice and two bestselling newspapers, Joseph Pulitzer championed what he regarded as the sacred role of the free press in a democracy.