Monday, January 18, 2016

Warcraft prop replicas, pin and statues now available

Weta Workshop's range of high quality Alliance and Horde collectibles is hereHorde Badge

For the Horde!
The collectible Horde Icon Pin is made from a zinc alloy in a dark gunmetal shade with enamel paint detailing.

The Doom Hammer

This mighty weapon strikes fear into the heart of even the most steadfast of Alliance foot soldiers. Own yours today at 1:6 scale.Alliance Badge

The iconicgolden lion's head on a teal background. The collectible Alliance Icon Pin is made from brass with enamel paint detailing.

Orc Tooth Pendant

Orc incisor, cast in brass and wrapped in sumptuous red leather. What better way to celebrate your latest battle with the Horde.King's Sword

The battle for Azeroth will be fought with steel and stone. For King Llane, Leader of the Alliance, it's steel. Own your 1:1  prop replica of his sword.

King's Armor

King Llane is a symbol of hope for those who follow him, as is his suit of armor. Available now at 1:6 scale, this is an item fit for a king. 

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