Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Introducing ‘The Hulkbuster’

Introducing ‘The Hulkbuster’

Probably THE BEST Halloween Costume in the world

Tipping the scales at hefty 38kg and measuring in at 2.9 metres (that’s a cloud-skimming nine and a half feet), the revolutionary new Hulkbuster robotic suit is the ultimate Halloween costume to outdo all others.

Created by costume creating genius, Tom DePetrillo, the Hulkbuster is a robotic creation quite unlike anything you’ll see outside of a Hollywood movie set.

It took over 1600 hours to construct the aluminium skeleton and outside shell of polycarbonate, EVA foam and styrene plastic. And the end result is about eight times the volume of the average human Halloween reveller.

But if you want to be the lucky wearer this Halloween, bear in mind that you’ll need to stock up on the 58 AA batteries needed to power all 915 LED lights, the deadly in-built eye lasers and foot mounted thundering sound effects.

Oh, and you’ll also need a hefty Halloween costume budget to cover the $60K cost of this extreme costume creation.