Sunday, April 27, 2014

Harold Ramis Tribute: YouTube Comedy Series EconPop Spoofs Ghostbusters

"This is a terrific way of mixing a beloved film and some economic explanation in an entertaining and educational way."

                                  Mark Rivera


 Today EconPop, the new YouTube web series by the Moving Picture Institute and Emergent Order, released “The Economics of Ghostbusters” here:  The series, hosted by comedian Andrew Heaton, is not your average movie review show: EconPop uses humor to examine how popular films portray economic ideas, such as subjective value, negative externalities, and unintended consequences.

“Ghostbusters isn’t just one of the best films to come out of the ’80s. It is a great story about entrepreneurship,” said executive producer John Papola. “The Ghostbusters take massive risks to get their company off the ground, they innovate, they create value, and they tangle with regulators.”

EconPop airs every month Previous episodes have covered Dallas Buyers Club and House of Cards. Each episode is accompanied by in-depth, audio podcasts featuring EconPop host Andrew Heaton and scholars such as literature professor Paul Cantor and economist Steve Horwitz.