Monday, August 15, 2022

Why throwing fire at IPs simply does no good for anyone in the long run.

You mad bro? If you want to make a point, don’t watch The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power. Big corporations are like politicians, they care only when business is threatened and so if those who don’t want to see it, abstain, that will eventually speak louder than words. Just let it happen. I for one want to see it with my own eyes first before I judge it, but I can state I don’t like the creative choices. Female dwarves have beards as seen in The Hobbit. Alas Christopher Tolkien is not here to protect his father’s legacy and I think he was not pleased with how The Hobbit films came out and they are not as good as the LOR trilogy, but might be worlds better than what we are getting here. You know in the 1990s when Star Trek: Voyager introduced Tim Russ as a black Vulcan, no one gave him grief and he did a good job considering Voyager for me was never quite as good as TNG or DS9. So what if the actors they hired actually are very good at their jobs? Are you going to give them grief? No you won’t because it is the story that is what you are passionate about. Well you know using Star Trek as an example, there were diehard fans of TOS who were reluctant to embrace TNG when it first aired in syndication in the USA, but you know by the third season the series found itself and now that is the benchmark by which Star Trek is measured. Now I don’t like the new Treks on Paramount Plus, but I recognize they are not being written for me and if they want to run it into the ground, I still have what I loved growing up. Tolkien’s books still exist and no one can bastardize them. It is like when they ask Stephen King about the amount of movies based on his work that are horrible, he replied the books are still here. So you know you can have a fit of outrage and maybe that is your deal. There is such a thing as organized opposition you know? Not that you are, but I don’t know you and you don’t know me and you know I hope if it sucks as bad as people say it will that people will just not watch. That is how you win. Not by protesting. Getting angry and engaging the actors involved. You want to make a statement simply don’t watch it. If you read this far you are a patient man. Thank you.

This is actually a comment I wrote to an angry YouTuber and it stated everything I feel at the moment about toxic fandom and corporate manipulation and I think the best way to make you voice heard is not to get angry and don’t react. Instead don’t watch it. Just let it be. Believe me if you don’t engage then it will stand or fall on it’s own and that is fair.

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