Thursday, April 6, 2017

RIP Don Rickles (May 8, 1926-April 6, 2017)

RIP Don Rickles (May 8, 1926-April 6, 2017)

American Masters remembers comedian Don Rickles with a never-before-seen video from In Their Own Words: The American Masters Digital Archive
These videos are embeddable.  
In these interview outtakes from director Kyra Thompson's  American Masters -- Bob NewhartUnbottoned (2005), Rickles jokes about Bob NewhartPBS and Charlie Rose.
Rickles also appeared in American Masters -- Johnny Carson: King of Late Night (2012).

According to Variety: "In a statement released on Thursday morningBob and Ginnie Newhart expressed their shock and condolences regarding Rickles' death. 'He was called 'The Merchant of Venom,' but in truth, he was one of the kindest, caring, and most sensitive human beings we have ever known,' the statement reads. 'We are devastated and our world will never be the same. We were totally unprepared for this.'" 

In Their Own Words: The American Masters Digital Archive features previously unreleased interviews filmed for the PBS documentary series -- 2,156 tapes, approximately 1,388 digitized hours, 800-plus interviews and counting -- via the American Masters Podcast and short-form videos with luminaries discussing America's most enduring artistic and cultural giants.  Website: 

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