Thursday, April 13, 2017

DC All Access - Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman, Action Comics, Justice League Action

WONDER WOMAN: Director Talks Battle Scenes & More
Wonder Woman is a superhero like no other and we caught up with director Patty Jenkins to get the inside scoop on bringing this legendary character to life.

JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION: Wonder Woman vs. Lex Luthor
There was plenty of action at WonderCon this year, particularly of the Justice League variety! In this week's new episode of DC All Access, we're on the WonderCon floor and talking to the cast and crew of Justice League Action, DC's hit new animated series. Plus, Jim Lee and Scott Williams join us to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WildStorm, we drop by our Wonder Woman cosplay meetup, and we exclusively announce a new Batman '66 crossover from the mind of Mike Allred!

ACTION COMICS: Superman’s Villains Unite
Superman is putting up the fight of his live for his super-family and writer Dan Jurgens is here to tell you all you need to know before you have your mind blow in ACTION COMICS!