Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The X-Files: Season Ten Episodes Four And Five Spoiler Free Review And Series Overview Too.

Half of what I have heard people refer to as season ten of The X-Files is already over and I can't believe it. Today I screened episodes four and five of this six episode event and I really have to give the writers and actors as well as producers and so forth a lot of credit for pursuing The X-Files in this format because we as fans are getting more of what we loved about the classic show than we would have if Fox pursued a third theatrical feature. These episodes have packed a lot into them and left me wanting more.

With Evil Dead already a hit on premium subscription television and Twin Peaks returning next year, it seems everything that is old is new again and television has become in many way better than theatrical releases in terms of storytelling, character development and so on. 

Despite the differences between the mediums, I really feel season ten of The X-Files has been more fun and intriguing that the previous feature film from 2008, The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Now after the first three episodes some of you may be asking, what about the story arc and mythology? Well despite the outward appearances of each show I have seen so far, there has been an overall story arc that I think the series is building to in the finale and that is the consequences of Mulder and Scully giving up their baby for adoption for it's own protection. The last film did not cover that and it makes sense that if you are going to catch up with the characters eight years after the last feature film and thirteen years after the series concluded it's original run, this is as important a question as anything else the series presents to the viewer and it is quite central to the mythology of the series as a whole.

Also it is important to realize that in between the mythology episodes were a variety of episodes. Some were spooky. Some were comedic. Others featured a monster and others tested the beliefs of the characters. Having screened five episodes I think that they have done a beautiful job giving old and new viewers alike a smattering of what The X-Files was all about and to have done so while still adhering to the mythology of the show and make it all coherent, well my hat is off in admiration to all involved.

In some ways I think part of the fun is not knowing what we are going to see next so believe it or not this is my review. Spoiler free and completely honest. Chris Carter, Glen Morgan, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson as well as Mitch Pilleggi and returning guest stars, I want to see more. Fox I want to see more new X-Files. Please make it happen. I want to continue to believe.

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