Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Narcopolis Feature Film Review

Narcopolis is a sci-fi noir starring Elliot Cowan as a homicide detective who specializes in cases involving the use of unregulated drugs. The street name for his kind of cop is a Dreg and despite the legality of recreational narcotics in this near future world, corporate greed combined with a governing authority selectively enforces what substances are simply tolerated and which ones are not. Essentially what has happened is in place organized crime distributing narcotics illegally, allowing for a decades long "war on drugs" that has failed, now the government is a silent partner in the use of drugs as controlled by a wealthy mega corporation. 

When an investigation into the death of the user threatens business and uncovers a collusion involving what would seem impossible by contemporary standards, our Dreg's life comes into danger as it conflicts with a larger and more diabolical agenda.

I did not see the hook coming in Narcopolis so I was pleasantly surprised when the film took on a whole new significance rather than the typical drugs are dangerous and sold by immoral people who only care about making money and power cliche. The cast includes Jonathan Pryce and James Callis. To keep the story focused, certain larger ramifications of what life would be like in a world where drugs are legal is left for the viewer to ponder. However Narcopolis manages to avoid certain genre cliches by keeping it's narrow focus. Do not expect things to conclude neat and tidy because the solution certainly leaves things paradoxically confusing if one tries to make sense of how things are supposed to work out from there on in.

Basically sometimes one just has to accept impossible conclusions to allow for implausible realities. Well acted and above average, Narcopolis will debut at the IFC Center in New York City and on demand on Friday, October 2, 2015.

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