Friday, April 3, 2015

TFF 2015 | Viewpoints JACKRABBIT A Film by Carleton Ranney


Following a worldwide event known as The Reset, humanity rebuilds a society with aging mechanics where gleaming technology once stood. Surveillance now the status quo, society is slowly putting its shattered pieces back together under a watchful eye. After a friend’s suicide leaves behind a mysterious computer drive, a young computer prodigy (Josh Caras) and a shadowy hacker (Ian Christopher Noel) join together to decipher the clues that he’s left behind. The youthful creators of JACKRABBIT have successfully constructed a world, which we haven’t previously seen on film. Mixing retro production design with slick storytelling, they deliver a cinematic dissonance that will result in a shock to the senses. A jigsaw puzzle of a film that flaunts its lo-fi aesthetic proudly, Jackrabbit introduces a fresh new voice to the science fiction landscape. Carleton Ranney’s directorial debut cleverly tweaks its sci-fi premise to offer an ambitious glimpse into the future. 

Will Berman of MGMT scored the film with an amazing '80s-style synth score, à la Tangerine Dream.



Premiere Screening: Saturday, April 18, 8:30pm (Regal Battery Park 11-4)

P&I Screening #1: Sunday, April 19, 11:30am (Regal Battery Park 11-4)

Public Screening #2: Sunday, April 19, 9:00pm (Regal Battery Park 11-6)

Public Screening #3: Monday, April 20, 9:00pm (Regal Battery Park 11-6)

Public Screening #4: Wednesday, April 22, 3:15pm (Bow Tie Chelsea 4)