Saturday, July 22, 2023

Futurama Eleventh Season Premiere Episodes Review.


To paraphrase my favorite character on Futurama, “It’s back baby!” Futurama has lost none of it’s bite as it mocks the long hiatus between seasons and even it’s new home, Hulu. Futurama is one of my favorite it not favorite animated series. Matt Groening and and David X. Cohen have crafted a wonderful Sci-Fi world that works and like any good make believe world it stays consistent with the rules it sets up. Back are Katey Sagal, Joe DiMaggio, and Billy West. My favorite characters including Dr. Zoidberg, Zap Brannigan and the Professor as well as Fry all get involved in the first three episodes I have screened so far. The premiere entitled “The Impossible Stream” has the team trying to rescue Fry from insanity after he attempts to watch every television show ever made. The second episode entitled “Children of a Lesser Bog” is a follow up featuring Amy and Kipf. The third episode entitled “How the West was 1010001” has the crew of the Planet Express visiting a bitcoin mining ranch. 

I think the first three were great, but I think my favorites were the premiere and the second episode. Please keep in mind that humor is subjective and my preference for the first two is not a bad reflection on the third. I thought they were all great.

Futurama premieres on Hulu on July 24th and each week thereafter a new installment will follow with one a week so the the second and third episodes I mentioned will air in the second and third week respectively.

I am so happy it’s back. The eleventh season of Futurama premieres July 24, 2023 only on Hulu.

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