Monday, February 27, 2023

Rotoscope Style Motion Comic Space Opera Action.


In keeping with the style I used with another clip I posted online, the interior of the human Star fighters and starships are all presented with a comic color filter while the space scene exteriors are all presented with comic mono. For the interior of the alien ship I wanted to retain the graphic novel style, which in this the case the rule I established was all exteriors are comic mono and all interiors are comic color, but since the aliens breathe a different atmosphere that is green I processed the sequence three times so that the final clip accentuated the outlines and green glow of the alien eyes. This is the only sequence like this for the video. I also tweaked the logo to in a comic color filter overlay just for this video. This was done for demonstrative and entertainment purposes only. Thank you.

Click on the photo below to view on YouTube.