Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Brand New Holiday Episodes Streaming On PBS Kids

20 Snowy Stories
20 Snowy Stories is a collection of stories about snow from several PBS KIDS titles. The collection includes episodes from “Pinkalicious & Peterrific,” “Wild Kratts,” “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” “Nature Cat,” “Caillou,” “Odd Squad,” “Dinosaur Train,” “Ready Jet Go!” and “Arthur.” In A Snowy Day, it’s snowing in “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”
Streaming Date: November 29, 2019
Episodes: 20
Miss Elaina is coming over to Daniel’s house to play in the snow. Mom Tiger helps Daniel change out of his pajamas into clothes that will keep him warm, and he learns how important is it to choose the proper clothes. In Caillou’s Snowman, “Caillou wants to build a snowman, but he doesn’t know how. Luckily, Sarah knows how to make snowmen very well and they work together building their perfect snowman. In D.W.’s Snow Mystery, from “Arthur,” D.W. saves everything. Her most prized possession is a snowball from last winter but it has disappeared! It’s time to find the culprit, and detective Buster is on the case. Other episodes include: Dinosaurs in the Snow and Cretaceous Conifers from “Dinosaur Train,” Mindy’s Ice Rink and Ice Moon Enceludas, from “Ready Jet Go!,” and Waiting for Snow and Arthur’s Snow Biz from Arthur. 
Wild Kratts: Volume 17
Wild Kratts: Volume 17 includes four adventures with Martin and Chris Kratt. The Kratt Brothers make their way to the Sonoran Desert in search of an ocelot in Spots in the Desert, the two cross paths with a rare find: an ocelot in the desert! In Hercules the Giant Beetle, Martin and Chris are exploring beetle exoskeletons in South America when a Hercules Beetles gets enlarged by the Miniaturizer. 
Streaming Date: November 22, 2019
Episodes: 4
In Deer Buckaroo, the Wild Kratts decide to track down a fawn named Buckaroo. The duo helped the fawn a few years ago and now they want to see how he is doing. And in Wolf Hawks, Martin sees a “wolf hawk.” He rushes back to the Tortuga to tell everybody the news only to have Chris say there’s no such thing.
PBS KIDS: Celebrate Hanukkah
Get into the holiday spirit with this holiday special featuring episodes from “Peg + Cat,” “Arthur,” and Super Why!” as they celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! Albert Einstein visits Peg and Cat on Hanukkah and shows them how to make a 2D piece of paper into a dreidel. Then, Francine’s sharp-tongued grandma, Bubba, is the star of an “Arthur” episode about family traditions. Next, jump in to a “Super Why! episode with the Super Readers to learn more about the festival of lights!
Streaming Date: November 29, 2019
Episodes: 1 Movie
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Happy Holidays
It’s snowing in the Neighborhood! Join Daniel Tiger and his friends as they play outside in the snow in this special hour-long movie featuring three snowy episodes. Kids will celebrate Snowflake Day with Daniel, who has a very important role as a snowflake in a show, and he can’t wait to say his lines. Daniel and friends also see how much excitement and winter cheer is in the Neighborhood as everyone pitches in to make the show a success.
Streaming Date: November 29, 2019
Episodes: 1 Movie
PBS KIDS: Happy Holidays
‘Tis the season to bring the family together with the PBS KIDS friends for the ultimate holiday movie. Get into the holiday spirit with this special featuring episodes from “Caillou,” “Peg + Cat,” and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” as they celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! These festive stories are perfect for everyone looking to add a little magic to their holidays. 
Streaming Date: November 29, 2019
Episodes: 1 Movie
PBS KIDS: Holidays en Español
¡Acompañen al tierno Daniel, a la adorable Peg y su secuaz Gato, al extraterrestre Jet Propulsion y a la superhéroe Chica Supersabia a celebrar las fiestas! Daniel y sus amigos van en trineo, Jet define el espíritu de Navidad, ¡y mucho más!

Spanish language versions of a variety of PBS KIDS programs will be available to stream this holiday season. Kids can share in the holiday cheer with series such as Peg + CatDaniel Tiger’s NeighborhoodReady Jet Go!, and many others. 
Streaming Date: November 29, 2019
Episodes: 1 Movie
Nature Cat: A Nature Carol
Tally ho-ho-ho! “Nature Cat is ready for Christmas! He and his pals create their own version of A Christmas Carol in an extra-special, hour-long Christmas Movie, “Nature Cat: A Nature Carol.” Nature Cat is bursting with what he thinks is Christmas spirit. He wants to celebrate with lots of presents for himself, decorating the woods with bright lights and loud festive music for everyone.
Streaming Date: November 30, 2019
Episodes: 1 Movie
But friends Daisy, Hal and Squeeks are upset, because Nature Cat’s desire to celebrate Christmas in a great big way is causing problems with their friendship, as well as bothering all of the animals in the woods. Nature Cat is visited by three Christmas Spirits and finally sees the true meaning of Christmas.