Monday, June 12, 2017

Second Annual Workshop for Aspiring Filmmakers (Shudder Labs) kicks-off in New Paltz, NY

Editorial Note: "Wow" this is bloody cool!"

Last night, the immersive workshop for aspiring genre filmmakers, Shudder Labs, kicked-off its second year at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. Shudder Labs will continue through Thursday, June 15th and is hosted by AMC Networks premium streaming video service Shudder.


This year’s workshop is led by Masters-in-Residence Mike Flanagan (director, Ouija: Origin of EvilHush, the upcoming Stephen King adaptation Gerald’s Game) and Nick Antosca (screenwriter, Channel Zero, Hannibal, The Forest). In addition, Shudder Labs’ mentors this year are Sarah Adina Smith (writer/director, Buster’s Mal Heart, The Midnight Swim) as well as Larry Fessenden (director, Habit, The Last Winter) and Lindsay Peters (Director of the Frontieres International Co-Production Market).


The full list of this year’s Shudder Labs fellows, alongside synopses of their projects, are listed below. Happy to keep you updated on any fun news that comes from the workshop and be sure to check out Shudder’s social to meet the 10 fellows and access live coverage of the 2017 #ShudderLabs, featuring special guests.

About: Shudder Labs launched in 2016 as a creative workshop retreat dedicated to building the skill set and talents of exciting, emerging horror filmmakers. Shudder Labs aims to marry the belief that horror and suspense can be at once the most thrilling, sharpest and subversive of genres with Shudder’s dedication to supporting new creative voices.




Richard Kodai -  BE A GOOD GIRL: A teenage girl is kidnapped and held in a basement by a middle-aged man. As time passes, she learns that there may be an unusual and terrifying reason why she is there: a dark secret she never saw coming.


Megan Rosati - BLOOM: When a young woman obsessed with beauty gets a job working for the trendy wellness company, BLOOM, her obsession with their products plunges her into a nightmare world and sends her on a desperate mission to uncover what's really inside their "all-natural" supplements.


Becky and Nick Sayers - DISCONNECTED: Everyone is now connected and empowered through devices augmenting the brain. But this technology turns against a couple when their hike becomes a fight for survival from a group of demented hackers.


Danny Valentine and Reid Engwall - FISHHOOK: On the verge of starvation in the brutal Alaskan winter, a callused single mother and her eccentric son must find a way to save themselves and the isolated community they call home from a parasite that curses its hosts with insatiable hunger and libido.


Evan Brace - KNOWN AMONG MOUNTAINS: In a rural Midwestern town, a quiet working class community bears witness to strange events after a discovery in a rock quarry.


Matt MacDonald - MOMMY IS MISSING: A young girl discovers a mysterious vintage video game that just might unravel her family’s secret history.


Dani Parker - SAFE WORD: When a dominatrix who suffers from blackout spells meets an isolated IT tech who transforms into a monster when he’s aroused, a vigilante duo is born. A modern horror spin on Beauty and the Beast.


Kristen Hansen - SWITCHER: A man murders a “promiscuous” woman. When he wakes up the next day as her, he experiences what it’s like to be a woman… and finds he quite enjoys it.


Phillip Carroll, Jr - THE HONEYMOON PHASE: A young woman must endure a 30-day experiment exploring the honeymoon phase, while isolated with a man who may or may not be her husband.


Daniel Delpurgatorio & Anthony R. Williams - WITHER: How do you stop a ghost from haunting you? Bring it back to life.