Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lamenting The Death Of 3D HDTV And 3D Blu-ray.

Sorry about this. I really enjoy watching Blu-ray 3D discs and it sucks that if anything every happens to my television, unless I buy an older model that is likely used or refurbished, my existing library of Blu-ray Discs that have 3D will also be an eye sore. Not to mention Ultra HD 4K BD players will likely no longer be produced so if my PS3 or LG 3D BD player dies, there won't be a player to play them back on my existing TV. All things considered I imagine my 3D capable Blu-ray players will likely go bad before my TV does. I had a feeling things were about to go south on the option as I looked online and off and noticed few to none new TVs were offering the feature. I just hoped that it would be a standard feature on all TVs like color is to television. However hopes fail sometimes and there have been plenty of dead formats that were promising, but ultimately failed in the marketplace. I think the future focus from here on in will be 4K Blu-ray even though and make no mistake about it, 8K is just around the corner in less then ten years if not sooner and higher resolutions will follow.

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Below is a link to an article by CNET's David Katzmaier.

Bummed out by this. RIP 3D HDTV.