Friday, December 30, 2016

My Top Ten Feature Films Released In The States For 2016.

I do not believe a film can be summarized  into a letter, number or amount of stars and tomatoes. When I write a review, I write a review and you can read them here by going through the archives or simply see them for yourself and make up your mind, which I always encourage regardless if you agree with my choices or not. 

Despite being a top ten list I do not believe any film should be number one because that cheapens cinema in my opinion. So regardless of where these films show up, ten is equal to one as far as I am concerned. These are my recommendations basically and I tend to gravitate toward more arthouse films than big budget bonanza films, but you will see a few big budget films here too. My tastes are varied despite being a reviewer of Genre Entertainment. So now that my explanations are out of the way, here are my top ten feature films released theatrically in the United States in 2016 and in no particular order.

1) The Witch

2) Captain America: Civil War

3) Doctor Strange

4) The Neon Demon

5) The Warus

6) High-Rise

7) Deadpool

8) Hacksaw Ridge

9) 10 Cloverfield Lane

10) Snowden

Happy New Year and thank you.

(C) Copyright 2016 By Mark A. Rivera
All Rights Reserved.