Wednesday, November 30, 2016

DC All Access Episodes - The Flash, Injustice: Ground Zero, DC Super Hero Girls

Injustice: Ground Zero Sets Stage for Injustice 2
If you've ever wondered how Harley Quinn views the world, then you might think about adding Injustice: Ground Zero to your digital pull list. In this DC All Access comics clip, we talk to writer Chris Sebela about this new digital first comic that tells the story of Injustice from Harley Quinn's point of view. In a world where heroes are villains, can Harley actually be a force for good? Crazier things have happened, puddin'.

The Flash Clip + DC Super Hero Girls LEGOs
DC All Access is ready to dominate! In today's all new episode, we take a look at an exclusive clip from tonight's spectacular episode of The Flash, which kicks off the three-part "Invasion" crossover. Plus, we look at some of this week's must-have new comics, enjoy a clip from the new episode of DC Super Hero Girls, and give one lucky fan the chance to walk away with the massive Batman: The Animated Series Batwing from DC Collectibles.

That's right...the wait is finally over! The four-part #DCTV crossover has arrived, and Hector's here to let you know what to expect (and also mess with reality a little you do). Supergirl sets the stage, but things really explode in this week's Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow with an all out alien invasion featuring the Dominators! Will our heroes triumph? Or will we all be speaking Dominatish next week? Watch and find out!