Tuesday, September 9, 2014

That Snail Is FAST ... New Episodes of Turbo FAST Premiere This Week!

This week DreamWorks Animation is premieringfive all-new episodes of Turbo FAST!  These new episodes debutTHIS FRIDAY, Sept. 12, only on Netflix, and each 22-minute episode is made up of two fast-paced 11-minute stories.  This time around, they’ve got hilariously varied plots.

There’s Gills!, in which Whiplash is convinced he’s seen a giant man-eating goldfish (and Turbo gets to utter the classic “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” line) … there’s Beware the Chickipede, which finds Turbo and his friends stumbling onto a maniacal madman’s plot to create a hybrid chicken and centipede (100 chicken legs on every bird!) … there’sPrank’d, which features an outlandishly complicated Rube Goldberg-like device.

With this new set of five episodes,Turbo FAST now has a perfectly “bingeable” 20 episodes available on Netflix, and the zany, pop-culture-driven humor is great for kids and “grown-ups” to share together. Turbo FAST has quickly become a Netflix must-see, and I really hope you’ll check out the series to find out why!