Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reinvent Hollywood With Fandor!




The Six-Part Series Seeks to Address the Future of Film


Hosted by Ted Hope, Fandor CEO


Episode 1 To Launch on May 28th, 2014, 11AM PT


If you could redesign the film industry into the best possible system for the artists, the audience, and the business, what would it look like?


SAN FRANCISCO – (MAY 27, 2014): On May 28th, Ted Hope, CEO of Fandor, along with Reinventors, and a group of industry luminaries, will answer that very question in the six-part interactive web series “Reinvent Hollywood.”


With the advent of low-cost digital production and post-production technology, the tools to create and distribute both short and long-form filmed entertainment have never been more accessible, and yet the Hollywood power structure continues to rely on an antiquated methodology of finding and presenting this entertainment to the world.


But what does this mean for the status quo in the film industry? How can those interested parties, the artists and the audiences, work with the distributors and the rest of the existing power structure to affect these changes and create a bigger tent, helping the industry as a whole move forward? That’s what Reinvent Hollywood will answer.


“Art, regardless of the medium, has always been advanced by the audience, creators, and technology – far more than business or the market can,” said Hope. “Fandor’s mission is to help build the world’s film community through the advancement and preservation of film art and culture. When good movies go unseen, talented filmmakers cannot support themselves and our government is not defending Net Neutrality, it is time to demand change.”


Hope and a team of industry experts will discuss the state of the film industry throughout this six-part series streamed live onReinventors.net. A recording of each episode will be available the following day onFandor.com. Each 90-minute session is edited into a recap and a short trailer, and write-ups of what was accomplished will be available on the series’ landing page after each roundtable.


The series is divided into six episodes, with each part focused on a topic that addresses the larger issue at hand – the future of film. The topics for each of the six episodes are: The FormThe ArtistsThe AudienceThe Business,The Festivals, Schools, and Non-Profits, and The Rules of the Game.


The first topic to be discussed in-depth and to kick off the series is “The Form,” which is focused on what will follow as feature film loses its dominant position with transitions from theatrical to online play, long to short form, celluloid to digital. Anchoring this conversation will be Webby Awards founder and The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences co-founder,Tiffany Shlain.


Hosted by award-winning independent producer and film industry advocate, Ted Hope, the lineup of experts participating in the first roundtable on The Form is:


Liz Rosenthal, Founder & CEO of Power to the Pixel

Karim Ahmad, Senior Digital Content Strategist at ITVS

Lance Weiler, Writer, Director, Experience Designer

Michel Reilhac, Story architect, experience designer

Peter Leyden, Founder of Reinventors


Fandor and Reinventors are also asking you to do your part as the audience. For each episode, Hope will be joined not only by a team of experts in the field, but also by you, the general public. You can join the conversation for each episode via Google Hangout, along with Hope and his ever-growing list of industry experts as we all collectively move Hollywood forward. The episodes will also be available indefinitely online for those that miss it live.

A full calendar of the series’ live events can be found here:http://reinventors.net/series/reinvent-hollywood