Monday, November 25, 2013

The Dawn of the Auto-Humanoid

"A new slave class was being created. One that would always obey and could easily be replaced."

I must admit that I am of two minds about the future. On one side I believe we live in an extraordinary time and think there is a bright future ahead for all to participate in. Yet I also see a world filled with fearful people and fear is what usually causes more problems and not the fact that dangers exist or may not, but regardless it is how we face our choices that will determine whether or not a future can be bright or dark. It is not that as a writer I want to persuade you to my point of view so much as a writer I want you to enjoy a story of course, but whether you agree with me or not I just want people to think for themselves. I have a responsibility to tell a good story and drama is conflict. Your responsibility and indeed all of our responsibilities in life simply involves whether or not one decides if they are going to be proactive or reactive and know hopefully when the right time it is to do so. There are few absolutes in life if any. That leaves room for a lot of possibilities. What will yours be?

Happy Thanksgiving. ;)

Mark Rivera
November, 2013