Saturday, June 8, 2019

When staged guest appearances go a bit too far: Sophie Turner on Conanvs Crispin Glover on Late Night with David Letterman

Now the deal here was Glover came out playing some variation of his character from River's Edge, but Letterman did not expect it to go down like this.

Here Sophie Turner slaps Conan hard on the face illustrating a drinking game while appearing to promote X-Men: Dark Phoenix. 

Conan definitely was not expecting a hard slap, but the difference was that clearly this was rehearsed and agreed upon or else she would not have done it. It just was not organic like Glover was on Letterman despite the wig and all and even at times where Glover appears to reading off a TelePrompTer.

Glover took it too far by accident or whatever the reason was. My point here is to illustrate that anything you see on a talk show is planned out in advance to some extent. The celebrities or guests are pre-interviewed ahead of time so the interviewer can prepare relevant to questions. Also bare in mind these people have publicists and handlers whose job it is to make sure their client does not look bad. It was some time later, but Glover was allowed on Letterman's show after his first appearance and they laughed about it in retrospect. It's all part of the commercial to sell an idea, product and person and more. It is just a matter of telling the difference between what is real and what is going as planned and where in both cases it may have gone a little too far. 

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