Thursday, January 7, 2016

CLAMP’s epic professional debut!

CLAMP’s epic professional debut!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—The breakout manga that put CLAMP on the map will be released by Dark Horse in summer 2016.

With over 600 pages, this is the first book in a three-volume omnibus edition that collects the entire RG Veda story with full-color pages, high-quality paper, and a larger print format.

RG Veda (pronounced “Rig Veda”) is based on a classic Indian saga. The lush, sprawling epic follows Yasha, once a mighty warrior king but now the lord of a slaughtered people he could not save. Yasha journeys the land as the companion and protector of the genderless Ashura, although he knows Ashura’s fate is interwoven with doom for many. Together they seek the other four of the “Six Stars,” whose prophesied gathering will at last defeat Taishakuten, the evil usurper of heaven’s throne. But all prophecies are open to interpretation . . .

RG Veda Omnibus Volume 1 (978-1-61655-988-5is in stores August 3, 2016. Preorder your copy today at your local comic shop or through these fine retailers:

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