Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ron Jeremy: Life After the Buffet Documentary



Breaking Glass Pictures will be releasing their latest documentary Ron Jeremy: Life After the Buffet on DVD and VOD (iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox, Vubiquity) on May 5, 2015.


Ron Jeremy is a cultural icon, known as the King of Porn. Even with his eccentric features, he is a sex guru to millions of fans. Ron Jeremy: Life After the Buffet is an explosive film that exposes Ron, at age 60, in a surprising and very real way.
In 2013, Ron made a different kind of headline. Death came knocking at his door like a bolt of lightening when he started experiencing pains in his chest. The film follows Ron on his spiritual awakening and personal journey to discover the existence of a greater power than what is here on earth.

DVD Special Features will include "Behind The Scenes with Ron Jeremy."